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Nomination Criteria for the King's Daughters' Board of Directors: 

The Nominating Committee requesting nominations from our general membership for positions that may become vacant on The King's Daughters Board of Directors each year.  Nomination of one’s self is permitted. 

A candidate for membership on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of THE KING'S DAUGHTERS, should meet the following criteria:


  • Be a member of a King's Daughters Circle for a minimum of two years.
  • Have worked on a Major Project or been the Chair of a Circle project or been a Circle Leader.
  • May not be an employee of Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters.


  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Attend board committee meetings as necessary
  • Attend KD Connect meetings (4-5 per year)
  • Serve as a liaison to Circles
  • Become a hospital tour guide
  • Sign a conflict of interest form and confidentiality agreement
  • Become educated in the workings of The King's Daughters and the other corporations under the umbrella of the CHKD Health System
  • Support CHKD's Annual Giving Campaign
  • Support and attend The King's Daughters' Major Projects
  • Ability to act as a spokesperson for The King's Daughters
  • Possess a demonstrated commitment to community service, support for The King's Daughters mission and values
  • Willingness to accept additional duties as assigned by The King's Daughters Board of Directors' President

Please Note:

All KD Board of Directors members:

  • May not hold a leadership office in their own Circle or on a Major Project’s committee unless approved by The Executive Committee of The King’ Daughters Board of Directors
  • May not serve as their Circle’s representative at KD Connect Meetings
  • With the exception of The King’s Daughters’ President, who is a Class A member of the Children’s Health System Board and an Executive Committee Member who automatically serves as on the Children’s Health Foundation Board, a King’s Daughters Board Member may serve on a Children’s Health System affiliate Boards with the approval of the Executive Committee.  

Complete the nomination form and return it to The King's Daughters office:

Download Criteria Expectations & Nomination Form here.

18-19 CHKD Thrift Stores KD Circle Bag Drive

ALL CIRCLES ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE! February 1, 2, 4 (No Pick-ups Sunday February 3rd)

Circles need to schedule ONE PICK-UP ON February 1, 2 or 4.  Please have all donations to your Circle's designated pick-up location prior to January 29.

Download Bag Drive Criteria and Guidelines here.

Circle Project Ideas

Need a little help choosing your next Circle project?

Download our list of Project ideas. Contact The King's Daughters Office at or 757-668-7098 with any questions!

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