The 1896 Society's purpose is to help fund new initiatives and new equipment for CHKD. 

The first focus will be to complete our pledge of $2 million to the Children's Pavilion, the new pediatric mental health hospital.

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  • Diana Bakke, Oceanfront Circle
  • Julie Beck, Downtown Circle     
  • Daniel Bowen   
  • Frances Bracken Delker, Colonial Circle
  • Julie Brock, Atlantic Circle
  • Beth Bryant, Seashell Circle
  • Sarah and James Burhop
  • Martha Colen, Downtown Circle            
  • Mary Davis 
  • Sam and Karen Davis    
  • Johanna Elder, Ruth Sargeant Circle     
  • Bruce Forsberg, Ruth Sargeant Circle
  • Debbie Harris, East Beach Circle
  • Debbie Hazelwood 
  • Ann Hammond Page, Downtown Circle     
  • Tracy Horan, Oceanfront Circle
  • Beth Johnson, Horizon Circle
  • Margaret Kelly, Lafayette River Circle
  • Hallie Leach, Lafayette River Circle
  • Carrie Lauck, Circle by the Bay
  • Nicole Legum, Oceanfront Circle #livelikeLegum
  • Sherry Lieberman, Cypress Point Circle 
  • JoAnne Lillis, Larchmont Friends Circle
  • Amy Moynihan, Union of Hands Circle
  • Sandra Porter Leon   
  • Emily Nied
  • Gretchen Ostroff
  • Annie & Wesley Page, Downtown Circle
  • Kieran Poulos, Oceanfront Circle
  • April Prest, Circle in the Bridge     
  • Taylor Priest, Lafayette River Circle
  • Audra Rich 
  • Kay Shields, Whest Ghent Circle
  • Anitra Simmons, Infinity Circle
  • Elly Smith, Azalea Unity Circle
  • The Happy Hour Hostess, Event Planning & Design Experts
  • Whitney Weireter, Lafayette River Circle
  • Carrie Williams, Circle in the Bridge
  • Demi Wheeler, Azalea Unity Circle


The King's Daughters has a vibrant history of caring for the children of our community.

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