On Thursday, Feburary 11, 2021, the NICU Friends Circle held a Valentine's Day Bake Sale exclusively in the NICU at CHKD.  Staff and families were invited to buy our baked (and some not-baked) goods for a donation provided to our circle's efforts for a CHKD fundraiser.  We successfully raised $848.11!  Thank you to all who baked, arranged, shopped and ate our goodies!


NICU Friends Circle was founded in 2014.  

The founding members (in photo below from left to right) are friends
Shelby Scott, Sharyn Lynch, Megan Crain, Karrie Beaudry, and Tanya
Holloran. They all met in 2011 when they joined the very first NICU
Family Advisory Council at CHKD.  They are all mothers of NICU
graduates (ranging in age from 3 to 5 years old) and have enjoyed
their work with the Council helping to support current NICU families
and improve the family-centered care partnership between patients,
families, and healthcare providers.  Now that their terms on the Family
Advisory Council have expired, they look forward to the next chapter in
their relationship with CHKD in a Circle of The King’s Daughters!

2014 Founding Members